No cost consult for Fed/Public retirement benefits and Medicaid ( Medi-Cal) results from Financial-end planning by Joseph.
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Learn about Joseph Donnantuoni

Joseph Donnantuoni uses his federal employee benefits training, experience and current training that has updated him on all current tools and techniques to get the results for you in Medicaid or Medi-Cal on the Financial end.  He has his 2021 designation as Federal Retirement Consultant (sm), knowledge and experience with public employees ( School Districts) and their approved 403b savings programs and the pensions for City, State, County and Schools across multiple States. Joseph has experience from Wall Street having worked at 14 Wall Street in New York City and on the 110th floor of the World Trade Center in brokerage firms, to handle securities clients.   He has experience of over 10 years as a Securities broker-dealer branch manager.   Recently since 2018, he personally assisted over 200 federal employees and over 50 School district employees with their pension information, life insurance and 403(b) approved plans.  Joseph is a former NASD (now FINRA) Examiner and current active FINRA arbitrator.

How Does Joseph Get Paid?

Joseph charges a FEE for Medi-Cal/ Medicaid results from his Financial plan guidance and is currenlty CMP pending.  Otherwise Joseph is paid 100% of the time by the insurance company and not the client.  This is unlike your securities managed account or mutual fund or variable annuity which will continue to directly charge inside of your account every year a percent of your total equity.  

What Does Joseph Do?

Joseph helps you with understanding and getting your calculation for your pension and any benefits questions if you are employed.  He is able to provide a Retirement analysis report which isn't static and can update annually.  Joseph can in seconds using his subscribed unique and compliant system, create a report that first fits the client goals that get built in to the system which analyzes 2000 annuities for best performance, income, fees, and which covers 51 insurance companies.  He also provides a Summary of Benefits workbook completed for federal employees with their input.  Joseph's main full time work is the financial end plan that gets the top results for anyone pre-planning or in crisis regarding the financial aspects of Medi-Cal or Medicaid.

Best Interest

Although many consumers are unaware, the best interest is how the licensed agent acts in the best interest of the consumer when making recommendations of for example, an annuity which is backed up in Joseph's case as well with a system at the carriers to supervise the recommendations that Joseph can put into place for review.  The supervision is a review of the financial objectives and insurance needs which are looked at to make sure they are addressed.

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