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Federal Retirement Consultant
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  1. Get your summary of benefits with pension calculation for a given retirement date.

  2. FERS retirement information on how to handle forms sent in to HR and OPM.

  3. CSRS retirement options assist.

  4. Best time of the year and dates to retire to optimize.

  5. High dollar savings with more benefits vs FEGLI options you may have based on your health.

  6. Complete TSP information.

  7. Military time used for credited years of service.

  8. Social Security due to you and what of those who have minors under age 18 as well to add on to your total pay from social security.

  9. FEHB careful how you pick your survivor benefit tie - in, advice.

  10. Do you want help to know how the court is tied into your FERS pension with a QDRO order from an Ex Spouse? How to calculate it in advance? And about your TSP with this?
  11. Did you know that Medicaid ( Medi-Cal) has rules that you can use and apply for your own asset AND INCOME protection in the same vain you should take the allowed deductions on your income tax?
  12. If you are on Medicaid ( Medi-cal) in your elder years and you are not able to pay the nursing home or approved co pay on assisted living you can be evicted and will be if you don't pay, did you know that?

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